Top Virtual Reality Headsets

May 18, 2017

Virtual reality is here and it’s now becoming the new normal for entertainment.  Its application and accessibility is similar to how the Nintendo Wii brought motion-control to become a real, working concept, rather than just some gimmick that only works sometimes.  VR headsets are providing us a new way to look at the world; virtual tours that are more than just wallpaper that scrolls left-to-right, 3D games that look and feel like real life, and virtual reality movies shot to allow for more depth and passion.  If you want to jump into the world of virtual gaming and entertainment, then you should follow our guide to help you decide on what is the best fit for your budget, usage, and needs.

Here are some things that you should consider when shopping online for virtual reality headsets:

Wired or Mobile VR Headsets?

Fastened headsets, which incorporate the Oculus Rift, the Vive, and the PlayStation VR, associate with a computer or gaming console. The headsets themselves cost as much as a game console since they incorporate custom screens, movement sensors, and focal points, and you may need to put resources into newer, more powerful computer equipment also. These headsets are especially useful for top of the line gaming.

Portable headsets are cases that you put a cell phone into. Since the main truly basic piece of these headsets are the focal points, they can be exceptionally lightweight and reasonable—most by far cost under $100, and some cost less than the cost of your lunch. Additionally, as the name infers, these headsets are portable and totally remote. Rather than being restricted to a PC or support, the versatile headset can be with you wherever you go, making it the perfect vacation companion.

In the event that you are an early adopter of innovation, have a major spending plan, and appreciate playing top of the line recreations, then a fastened headset will offer you the most sensible, immersive, striking virtual reality encounter available today.

When you want the most afford ticket to viewing conventional recordings on a mammoth private screen, getting submerged in 360-degree engrossing photographs and recordings, and taking virtual trips, then a portable headset might be more than satisfactory. Besides, both the cell phones and the headsets are improving, rapidly—and the low costs imply that exchanging up to a more current headset won't use up every last cent of your entertainment budget.

Important Details to Consider

When it comes to deciphering the best virtual reality goggles or platform, you should pay attention to how it feels on your head, first.  If you plan on using this thing a lot, you’re going to want to make sure it won’t put too much pressure on your head, or you’ll be liable to get headaches from it.  The weight will be something to consider, as well as the shape of it itself.  If the headset doesn’t sit right on your head, it will put unnecessary stress on one side or irritate your head. 

If your 3D goggles are too light, however, you might wind up with a frustrating game of having to readjust them every few minutes.  This can make them really inconvenient to use outside, as the wind can push them all over the place.  A good pair of head straps will solve a lot of the problems with wearing a VR headset outside. 

Virtual and Augmented

There is a feature that is often overlooked by shoppers looking for virtual reality headsets: augmented reality.  What this means is being able to display an interface or intractable virtual objects on top of what is in front of you in the real world.  This can only be accomplished through a device that has dual cameras.  Look for a headset that allows for the rear camera of your smartphone to function, or a headset that has its own camera to transmit the image in front of you onto the display.


With these tips, you should be able to pick out a nice high-quality headset that has the capability to bring you believable virtual reality experiences.  Don’t settle for limited cardboard knockoffs, as the tech gets cheaper and more widely available online.