Sport Water Bottle And Tea Infuser 1000ml

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Are you drinking enough water? Drinking enough water whether you're at home or on the go, will maintain your body's fluid balance.

Keep yourself hydrated during most activities, with this 1000ml capacity sport drinking bottle.
Made of Polycarbonate plastic and silicone material, durable, safe and Eco-friendly.
Smooth thread, comfortable feel, do not easily break or damaged and easy to clean.
Rounded smooth mouth opening edges for comfortable direct drinking.
Double leak proof design, for worry-free handling and carrying even inside the bag.
With tea strainer for drinking tea-infused water on the go, or use any other herbs that you prefer for your healthy drinking habit.
This water bottle also comes with a compass, making it usable and helpful for hiking, cycling, camping, and other outdoor and sport activities.
Different colors to choose from to inspire and match your every outdoor mood.


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