Ballpoint Stylus Pen 2 in 1 High Precision Touch Screen

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Stylus pens provides a more accurate and even more hygienic way to navigate your touch screen devices. They are as well convenient and easy to use specially for drawing, sketching, doodle, or writing notes. Stylus pen can also provide great help during winters, and to those with accessibility issues making touchcreen navigation difficult.

This stylus pen comes with a dual metal tip and ball point on both ends, which will let you navigate your touch screen devices freely and smoothly, without damaging or scratching your device's screen, also leaving no stains or smudges.
It's dual points glides smoothly across touchscreens for a natural navigating or writing experience.
The rubber provides anti-slip and anti-sweat protection for more convenient and comfortable firm gripping and holding of the stylus pen.
Compatible with all capacitive touch screen devices.
Available in 6 colors.

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