Foot Splint Corrector Day And Night

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Corrective shoes designed to address trouble areas on the feet, and are basically recommended for people suffering from chronic foot injuries or deformities.

This Particular Day & Night Splint is designed to ease pain and keep foot in correct position.
It also helps in eliminating undue, unremitting friction, and protects the feet against abrasion and shock by providing a natural and uniform distribution of weight and pressure loads.
It can be worn during day or night providing less than 25 degrees correction to your feet.
Made of Anti-bactrial Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) which is known to be a reliable material for bone and cartilage replacements.
It is also ideal for use before or after mild to medium Hallux Valgus Bunion Surgery ( Big Toe ).
This Foot Splint is adjustable and customizable providing a comfortable fit for every foot size.
Wearing this Foot Corrector Splint at night is more advisable for better and quicker foot correction results.

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