Portable Mini Floating Donut-Shape Fog Ring Air Humidifier

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Travelling to different places lets you experience different types of weather. If the place is too moist or too dry, it can cause discomfort that may lead to some health issues. Portable humidifiers are often very useful for easing health problems by adding moisture to the air you breath, making you feel more relaxed and comfortable.

This tiny plastic donut-shaped humidifier ensures your sinuses won't be blocked or damaged while you are supposed to be relaxing on your travel.
It floats on water and uses ultrasonic vibrations to turn liquids into refreshing vapors.
It's small size allows it to float even on a glass of water alone, eliminating the need of a bulky and space consuming humidifier, making it ver ideal for travel use.
The USB connection allows you to use it anytime and anywhere.
With 3 off modes, standby mode, and touch switch.
Ideal for travel, office or home use.
Available in 3 colors: White, Blue, Pink

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