Heart Shaped Cotton Wrist Rest

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Most people works on their computer often on a daily basis, facing more and more computer task everyday, therefore exposing them to inconvenient hand and wrist pain problems at the end of the day.

Wrist rest helps you perform daily computer task comfortably by eliminating discomfort to the wrist caused by prolonged typing or holding of the mouse.
It redistributes pressure points for soothing support and retains body heat for improved circulation, and keeps your hand and wrist in a proper and more natural position while typing and using your mouse.
This wrist rest is made of soft non-skid memory foam with ergonomic design and silica gel that relieves wrist fatigue significantly.
It provides alterate soft surface under your wrist with a soothing sensation for a more relaxed typing or mousing, while it helps release the accumulated tension between your shoulders and your hands.
The anti-slip design secures the wrist rest in place.
3D heart-shape design provides elegant curves perfectly suitable to fit your delicate wrist and hand.
Available in 6 colors.
Suitable for everyday home and office use.

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