Flip Straw Hydration Sport Water Bottle 750ml

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A good water bottle is not only safe, and durable. It also offers a level of convenience for everyday use.

This Flip Straw Sport Hydration Water Bottle is a simple but elegant water container that you can bring with you at all times.
It is made of Tritan plastic material known for it's BPA-free characteristics, safe and health-friendly.
Impact-resistant and tough, can be used without the worry of shattering.
Much lighter than any glass water bottles, making it easier to handle, do not easily break, and dishwasher-safe.
Different colors flip straw main option for drinking, without any worry of potential leaks, because it is easily folded back when not in use.
With twist-on lid with matching color hinged translucent dome to protect flip-up sipper straw.
Plastic ring around neck for convenient and easy carry.
Suitable for everyday use, and for any outdoor fun and sport activities.


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