Ultra Large Gaming Mouse Pad With Locking Edge Design

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Large mouse pads became more ideally used by most PC game players. But a large mouse pad can also benefit you even if you are not into playing games. Larger mouse pads allows you to fit most of your computer accessories like mouse keyboard or other desk items. It eliminates the inconvenience of having to pick up and center your mouse or keyboard often, and basically, you never have to worry about running off the edge again.

This professional gaming mouse pad is constructed with more precise surface particularly needed in any game that requires quick and precise mouse movement.
Smooth rubberized texture allows your mouse to glide across the pad with ease, accuracy and consistency.
Large mouse pads are basically designed for PC game players who are most likely to abuse their mouse pad a bit more that those who do not play often, that is why this large mouse pad is prepared with reliable durability with longer use.
More wear and tear resistant than smaller and regular mouse pads.
The edge stitch design prevents your mouse from running off the edge of the pad, and provides additional color and fashionable look to your desk.
Dimension: 60 x 30cm /23.6 x 11.8 inches(L x W)
Suitable for home and office use.
Available in 4 edge stitch colors: Black, Red, Blue, and Green

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