Parts Replacement Set For XIAOMI MI Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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Replace your old or damaged XIAOMI MI Robot Vacuum Cleaner parts, and enjoy a renewed cleaning performance and experience.

This Robot Vacuum Parts Replacement set includes 2 unique side brushes specially designed for anti-twinning and easy collecting of hair during it's cleaning.
The 2 framed filters comes in a combination of primary net filter and HEPA filter for easy replacement and installation, and very well sealed to avoid any dust leakage.
The set also includes 1 main brush made up of secondary injection molding with ABS and thermoplastic elastomer, with detachable bearing design and very easy to clean, plus it's toughened nylon brush hair makes it so friendly to floor surface with very minimal noise.
The floating structure of the brush enables easy sweeping of dust and trash from the floor gaps.
With 1 bird style cleaning brush for easy removal of twined hair from the brushes.

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